Fera at Claridge’s

I’d been waiting for this day to come for a little over a month now. With a 7:45pm reservation I arrived into Mayfair in black cab fashion, wearing my favorite LND (little NAVY dress).

On the approach to Claridge’s I couldn’t help but think about all the wonderful things that were in store for the evening ahead! Simon Rogan is by far one of my favorite chefs, and having watched him numerous times on the telly, I was now about to sample his creations. Excited much!


Sometimes I fear feeling out of place in these high end restaurants, but to my surprise, as we entered Fera, I had this overwhelming sense of warmth and comfort. The high ceilings acted as a spring board for the voices and laughter that filled the room. The staff were so genuinely friendly I felt like I’d met them before. The leafless tree, low lighting, and soft flickering candles, gave a real feel of the calming outdoors.

image (4)

A great start, but the best was yet to come…..

Having studied the menu prior to arriving, we pretty much knew what we wanted to order, and wasted no time in getting down to business.

Before our starters we were surprised to receive “finger food”, but this was like no finger food I’ve ever had before – Rosemary wafer with blue cheese foam & elderberry jam was a surprising taste explosion.

Soon after came crispy fried stewed rabbit & onions, it fell apart in the mouth, and I was only left disappointed because I wanted more!

image (6)

Fear not, then arrived these interesting little pots that gave off an almighty aroma of cheese. I dug in savouring every mouthful of the  Winslade, potato and the real treat came as I reached the bottom and found the most tender duck, simply stunning!

image (8)

Next to the table was stout bread, with a generous slab of butter. The bread was warm, I plastered on the butter, all the while watching it melt in. It was an unusual, but delightful taste of burnt caramel.

image (10)

Onward and upwards…. out came the starters,  I opted for – Organic carrots, Saddleback, pickled mushrooms and buttermilk. it looked so pretty, I almost didn’t want to eat it….. but of course I did. There were so many different flavours and textures bouncing around my mouth, but this dish was by no means over complicated, sensational sprang to mind.

image (12)

The star of the show for me had to be my main dish –  Belted Galloway beef, golden turnip, king oyster mushroom, bone marrow sauce. When the plate arrived I studied it for a moment, thinking what a fantastically executed plate of food. I loaded the fork with beef, turnip and soaked up the sauce, and in it went. This is by far the most impressive food I have experienced.  Seeing my face full of delight, the boyfriend lent over to give it a go, which no sooner resulted in a fight, slapping his hand away as he came back for more.  I won’t lie, it was so good I could have licked the plate clean.

image (16)

Finally dessert……….. I was presented with a tiny spoon followed by a pot of Chocolate Malt nitro, Prune and Dandelion. So this was not dessert but another little addition to the food trail we were being led down, it was COLD, and peculiar, but I liked it, a lot!


On to the REAL dessert –  it consisted of salted chocolate cream, jasmine ice cream, lemon puree, aerated chocolate and milk crisps. The milk crisps literally disappeared  in the mouth, the lemon puree bringing a whole new dimension to the taste. the only element I wasn’t so sure about was the aerated chocolate, i wanted less of it and more of the chocolate cake. However this did not stop me devouring the lot.

image (18)

We spent a full three hours in Fera, spending £213 which included 3 courses each from the a la carte, two Gin & Tonics, two beers, a paired wine, and a large bottle of still water.

I love the way food makes you feel, and I felt content and satisfyingly full, the whole experience was such value for money, if I had to describe it in one word…….. STUNNING,  I can’t wait to go back!

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