Bianco 43 – It’s a Pizza Heaven

Last week I found myself stuck in gridlock traffic because of the fleeting snow storm that kindly descended on Croydon. An hour and forty minutes for what should have been a ten minute drive (not that I’m bitter) left me no option but to ditch the car and go in search of food……

As the saying goes, every cloud and all that, and Bianco 43 was certainly my silver lining!


“Read all about it” inspired newspaper menu’s ❤


It’s safe to say the January diet went out the window, bring on the Bruschetta!


Warm toasted bread, deliciously fresh tomato bursting with sweetness.

With a side of creamy, buttery olives that needed no marinating, just perfect in their original state.


And then this happened……..



Quite literally the BEST pizza I have eaten outside of Italy. A tomato base like no other and a dough that keeps you coming back for more….. and when I say keeps you coming back, I really mean we came back the following night.

With 4 locations across London, I urge you to visit one and taste a little bit of Italy!

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