It’s all a little lovely at L’ETO

I love working in London, but I do not love the crazy busy commuter trains. So this morning Steve and I left early doors, to beat the rush and treat ourselves to breakfast before work, after all today is my Friday!

The question was……where should we go?

We headed west from Victoria and ended up on Brompton Road, as we were walking, chatting away, I clocked this shop front –

A sea of cakes, that’s surely an invite in, if ever I have seen one! Better days do start with better breakfasts, and so I was about to find out!

As much as I would love to eat cake for breakfast, and the selection sure was mighty fine (30+), it probably was a little too early to binge on the sweet stuff, even for me.

We took a seat near the front, and were handed an array of menus – Breakfast, Drinks & Specials.

The breakfast menu had four parts to it – Porridge, Granola & Fruits / Bakery / Pancakes & Crepes / Eggs

Drinks also had a variety of options – Tea / Custom Tea / Coffee / Fresh Juices / Refreshing

As we pondered the menus it dawned on me how lovely the decor was, lots of character and style, and the huge glass window pane allowing the room to be flooded with natural light.

We ordered fresh orange juice and coffees, I needed that early morning caffeine kick, and mine came with love ❤

We both went for the eggs section of the menu, I will admit I was so close to ordering pancakes, but the fact I didn’t gives me the perfect reason to go back.

Steve ordered the “Full L’ETO Breakfast” and it is safe to say from the look on his face, he was pretty darn pleased with his choice. I always imagine a cooked breakfast to be a little dirty and dripping in grease, but not here, this was a breakfast of champions, clean eating and full of flavour.

I didn’t have food envy though, because mine was packing some serious punch too. Egg-white omelette with tomato & spinach, with a side of grilled Portobello mushrooms. The omelette was perfectly seasoned, the rye bread bringing a nice bit of crunch to the table, and those mushrooms……. a thing of beauty, smothered in flavour and so perfectly cooked.

I couldn’t leave without ordering the “Juice Trio” from the specials board. Three vibrant bottles of bloom delivered on a slate, these looked super fun and so flavoursome, and that they were –

Carrot & Blood Orange – So invigorating, I loved the unusual but healthful taste.

Beetroot & Red Grape – Quite a unique flavour and not what I would have put together, very earthy, still enjoyable, interesting.

Green Apple, Kiwi & Kale – This is THE ONE! So refreshing and moreish.

Everything at L’ETO is homemade, and they have a selection of goodies you can purchase and take home. From fresh bread to cakes to cherry jam, you really are spoilt for choice.

What I love about L’ETO is how charming it all felt, the staff were friendly, the atmosphere relaxed, the food delectable. This is simply one of the best breakfasts I’ve had, and I will be finding any excuse to return…….. Cakes, lunch, brunch, dinner, pancakes, coffee, wine! And now I know there are 6 locations across London there will definitely be no stopping me! Heck, you can even shop for their cakes online –

Click the link to find your nearest L’ETO cafe –

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