Exploring Le Menar

If you are looking for a tranquil getaway from the busy streets of Fitzrovia, I recommend you dive in to Le Menar! You arrive through a large heavy wooden door, it’s almost as I imagine the door to Narnia to be! On the other side, it all feels a little magical, with low, inviting tables, scatter cushions and flickering candles.

I’d checked this place out before booking, and was keen to see what it had to offer, as the Head Chef takes a modern approach to North African Cuisine.

Having taken our seats we browsed the menu. You are spoilt for choice with over 20 starters, so we decided that we’d love to get a real taste of this place and ordered the Tasting Mezze For Two, which included a sample of 8 starter dishes served with warm Lebanese flat bread. (hummus, tabbouleh, baby okra salad, moutabal, falafel, moussaka, waraq enab and mini kebbeh).

The mix of flavours on this plate was incredible, the Falafal was a particular highlight and as always, it was a fight as to who could scoop the last of the hummus on to their warm flatbread!



I ordered the Lebanese Spiced Chicken stuffed with Apricot, Peppers, Coriander and Rose Harissa, Lebanese 7 Spice Sweet Potatoes


And so to the final part of the meal, and hands down the star of the show!


But there is still just enough of the original scoop of ice cream which has withstood the heat inside.


It is so jaw-droppingly delicious, the warm batter tasted like the perfect doughnut, the smoothness in texture and taste of the Madagascan Vanilla Ice Cream is an absolute knock out. I have a feeling I will be craving this dessert for days to come……… This is a MUST order if you visit.

If you fancy having your senses awoken in taste, smell and visually, Le Menar can provide an awakening evening with its awesome take on North African Cuisine.

Leave a comment below on what you think of the dessert if you get the chance to go……….
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