Feeling courageous at Canvas

We all love our comfort zones, but last night I took myself out of my beloved zone and threw myself into the tasting menu at newly relocated Canvas restaurant! Easy to reach on the District and Circle line, Canvas is located just off Sloane Square. Greeted by a super friendly receptionist, we ditched our bags and coats and headed down stairs. Chic white drapes fill the room, and we were lead behind one to a rather fabulous, well stocked bar. A smiley man who we now know as George greets us with some balsamic popcorn and tells us he is going to make us something we have never had before…………..!   This vodka based cocktail was created a few days prior and was yet to be named, George asked that whilst I drink it maybe I could come up with one. For me this is a perfect cocktail, not too sweet, not to sour, the alcohol wasn’t overpowering, a herb infused vodka which mixes incredibly well with cloudy apple juice, the only way I could describe was….. being on Cloud 9 ! And so it was born, I highly recommend you order the Cloud 9 when you visit, you won’t be able to stop drinking it, I couldn’t! After a few more cocktails we were seated for what was going to be a challenging dinner. I’m not a huge fan of fish, I will always try it, but was I about to be converted, after all these years of screwing my face up at it? First up – Mussels I was screaming inside at the thought of eating them, and hiding under the foam, there they were…. My fork went diving in and before I knew it it’s in my mouth, a rather meaty texture mixed with the most amazing sauce, whilst I battled the mind over matter element, I came to realise these mussels are quite alright. This is the fist time ever I’m eating mussels!  Feeling pretty pleased with myself, I eagerly awaited the next course.   Course 2 – Trout – Lemon marinated trout, black olive soil, sun-blushed tomatoes with apple and celeriac cream. Seriously never something I would choose to order, but again pleasantly surprised. I am a huge believer that if you are going to try something for the first time, you should do so in a restaurant were they know exactly what they are doing with food. Canvas is an excellent example, the food is so well executed and presented, they could put anything in front of me and the thought of eating it is appealing.   Course 3 – Cod – Crispy skin smoked, smoked cod fillet, marrow-red pepper cream and Jerusalem artichoke. For a lady that isn’t a fish fan, I am three courses in and I’m enjoying the flavours and new tastes that this night is giving me. The cod was definitely my favourite of the fish dishes, such a fantastic smokiness running through the whole the plate, but not overpowering in any way.   Course 4 – Pigeon – Grilled pigeon breast, confit leg, sweet corn puree, baby pop corn. This is a powerful, punchy, playful dish. You start by eating the baby corn leaf, which is so strong it made me wince in a weird, good kind of way. Then a nibble on the cofit leg, not long before slicing up the tender breast and smothering it in the seriously tasty puree with a final touch of baby popcorn.   Course 5 – Foie Gras – Warm foie gras with apple, gin and juniper berries puree.  Seeing as though tonight’s theme is a first time for everything, bring on the Foie Gras! Served with the most perfectly toasted brioche bread. A pleasant plate with another punchy puree. (Course 2 – 5 from left to right)  Course 6 – Beef – Aged sirloin, confit beef cheek, Basilippo mash potato, grilled calcots. Star attraction for me, the final course before dessert, the beef. Every dish that had gone before had been great, but this beef dish is so up there with the best beef dish I have ever had. That mashed potato…… WOW!  Dessert – Passion Fruit – Passion fruit cream, Pina-colada parfait, matcha tea feuilletine, mango chunks. What an absolute refreshing delight this dessert is after all that food. The most perfect plate to end what has been another exciting food adventure. The matcha tea feuilletine was a fantastic addition, I have never had anything quite like it before, simply amazing! Such creativity and imagination in every single dish that the table was presented with. Attentive staff, pairing wines along the way. They will give you as much or as little information about the dishes and the wines as you want. I felt so welcomed in to this restaurant, and comfortable enough to try things I have never or would never have tried before. Quite the experience whether you are a foodie or a fine dining novice like me. Even if you are in the area, I highly recommend you nip in for a cocktail, George is sure to tickle your fancy with one of his fabulous concoctions.

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