A True Treasure……….

A Tuesday night and we find ourselves over in West London. I don’t often venture this way and I really should, there are so many hidden gems and I do believe I have found a true treasure!

Bombay Brasserie, famed for its authentic, eclectic Bombay and Indian cuisine is part of the Taj Hotel collection and it’s sister restaurant is none other than Michelin Starred Quilon, so it’s really no surprise that the food we enjoyed was out of this world.

With my chicka in tow we made our way on the Piccadilly line to Gloucester Road station. Bombay Brasserie is literally across the road as you come out of the station exit, I love a place that isn’t a huge trek, especially when I’ve eaten too much and need to get home.

We were offered drinks in the bar but I was way to eager to get in and eat, so we went straight to the table where we ordered some cocktails.

Sipping on a Mango & Chilli Mojito and a Watermelon & Basil Martini was definitely the best way to start the evening. The Martini was packing some serious punch and the Mojito felt like a fruity glass of goodness, I’d come here just for these cocktails alone.

We dived straight in to the food, kicking off with mini poppadoms with a spicy tomato sauce, extremely moreish!

  Across the dining room I saw the waiters heading toward us with a humongous tray, when it reached the table they started to unload the most colourful dishes, which included…………

 Palak Patta Chaat, which is essentially crispy fried baby spinach with yoghurt, date and a tamarind chutney, absolutely delicious. I enjoyed it that much I am looking at how I can replicate this at home!


Malai baby corn, stem broccoli topped with a cheese sauce, it really did taste as good as it looks and the flowers are edible too!  

 For those of you that read my posts you will know I am not a lover of all things fish, so this is a first for me to say that after years of dislike of the prawn, I have been converted!!

Ajwaini Jhinga aka ‘King’ prawns with yoghurt and thymol seeds, completely blew my mind. A fabulous meaty texture with a real hint of spice, I liked it that much I was brave enough to remove the tail so I could eat every last bit!

 Kadipatta Chicken Tikka, such an immense flavour and so tender, I paired this up with the crispy spinach, what a winner!

Round 1 completed, it was time for some soup! A warming, tasty cup of carrot goodness.  

 Round 2!

Can you ever have too many mains? I think our eyes were bigger than our belly’s………

 Masala Seabass, one fish that I have grown to like over the last year and this was no exception. Super flakey and flavoursome served with spinach and mushrooms.

This was accompanied by Chicken Tikka Makhani in a creamy butter sauce. Salli Boti, a gorgeous Lamb apricot with some crunch on top in the form of straw potatoes. Chonkha subzi, which is tempered buttnernut squash, sweet potato, asparagus, fine beans and snow peas. A side of baby roast potatoes with garlic and chilli. Yellow Lentils aka Dal Tadka.

Wait! There’s still more………

We added Saffron rice, Peshawari naan and a cucumber and mint raita.

Of course we got stuck in……….

 It was absolutely incredible, an array of flavours and textures, so good that I can’t name a stand out dish because they were all fantastic in their own right, and even when plated together so complimentary.

You’d think after the mountain of food there would be no room left for dessert, well you are wrong my friend, bring on the chocolate trio!

 I really didn’t want to share this with Nikki! 

 Super refreshing Raspberry chocolate mousse, warm melt in the mouth chocolate samosa, and a delectable chocolate brownie.

 The space is huge and light airy, but the lighting makes it feel cozy and welcoming.

 I’m already planning a dinner party for friends and family to enjoy!

 I found this face lurking behind the beautiful gold trellis that separate the dining rooms.

It was time to get home and plan the next food adventure! Bombay Brasserie is somewhere I will be returning too very soon, in my eyes this really is the best Indain restuarant london has to offer!!


A note from Nicola –  “After being invited to Bombay Brasserie by Cherrelle aka Londonfoodgal, I suddenly panicked. I always stick to what I know…Chicken tikka massala and mushroom rice! To my surprise, this was not an issue as the food was delicious! The seabass was cooked to perfection and the chilli mint mango cocktail went down a treat.
The service was impeccable and the staff were more than helpful to answer any questions we had. The setting was beautiful, peaceful and had a vintage feel with a twist. I cannot wait to go back!”

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