Hakkasan Hanway Place

After a pretty long week at work closing off the quarter, what better way to switch off than eating at one of London’s most loved restaurants Hakkasan. This is one of the first restaurants I dined at when I moved to London, I was pretty impressed then but even more so now having taken advantage of the Bookatable Star Deal. Awarded a Michelin star back in 2003, it is fair to say this place can be a little pricey when dining from the a la carte, but if you want to see what all the fuss is about you should definitely try out the Star Deal, where you get 3 courses and a cocktail for £35ppA very delicious pink cocktail served in a tall glass was first to arrive at the table, a refreshing raspberry flavour with my favourite spirit Gin, topped with a fresh mint leaf, so needed in the London summer heat!

Sipping away, we had some time to look over the Ling Ling menu, which you are offered on the Star Deal a choice from  Seafood & Fish, Meat & Fish OR Vegetarian.

Steve ordered the Meat & Fish, and I was actually pretty intrigued by the Vegetarian option. I know Hakkasan best for it’s Duck Roll & Haka Noodle, which meant we absolutely had to order these additional extras.

Plates started to arrive sporadically, which is never a bad thing as you seem to be constantly grazing, and though we had ordered different menus we ended up sharing the plates as they came.  The Trio Dim Sum platter included Scallop Shumai, Har Gau, Chinese Chive Dumpling, these little parcels of fishiness where so fresh and cooked to perfection.

The Duck Roll was absolutely incredible and I couldn’t get enough of the plum sauce to dip them in. I’m pretty sure I’d have been happy eating these little bad boys for starter, main and dessert!

I was so happy with my choice of the vegetarian menu, the Salt and Pepper Homemade Pumpkin Tofu was out of this world, the texture was dry but not the kind where you are reaching for your drink every few seconds, it had a really sweet but heavily (nicely) salted kick to it. I made sure to scoop every last piece on to the spoon, YUM!
All of this was the followed by Jasmine Tea Smoked Organic Pork Ribs, super meaty and very tender, just falling off the bone. The famous Haka Noodle, if you think you have had great noodles before, wait till you try these!

Stir-fry baby broccoli with crispy seaweed and pine nuts, was so flavoursome,  the broccoli was tender with just enough crunch, whilst the crispy seaweed was doing all kinds of wonderful things to my mouth.

The star of the evening though, was the Stir-Fry Black Pepper Vegetarian Chicken with Sugar Snap Peas. I kid you not, you would not know that this wasn’t chicken, in fact I started to question whether it actually was, it was packed with flavour and went well with the Haka noodle.   
 I didn’t manage to get a look in on the Spicy prawns with lily bulb and almond, Steve had taken care of them. As the saying goes “You snooze, you loose”

Having ordered the additional dishes to the already three course menu, we had no room for the selection of Macaroons, and the staff kindly bagged these up for us to take home.

 The service was exceptional, and regardless of dining on an offer we were made to feel very special. I love this place for the modern ethnic decor, the super attentive staff, the creative dishes and the fact they gave me a doggy bag for my Macaroons. 

So in to the night I go, to be returning very soon!

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